How it started….

A well-worn shirt with the number 22 and the name “Workhorse” hangs in a locker in Halas Hall, home of the Chicago Bears.  It’s tattered and beat up, and it belongs to 10-year NFL vet, Matt Forte.  

“It’s not like me. I’m still good,” says Forte, two-time Pro Bowler and one of three running backs in history to record 100+ receptions in a season.  “I just wanted to leave it in there because all my hard work, blood, sweat, and tears are in this shirt.”

How it’s going…

Today, that tattered shirt is the inspiration for Forte’s Workhorse Apparel.  Embracing this new off-the-field chapter, Forte’s Workhorse Apparel, is a reminder that there is always a strategic next move, and that consistency and commitment stretches beyond 10-seasons; it’s a lifestyle.   From the perfect muscle-cut tank to flex-fit sweatpants that offer just the right stretch, Workhorse Apparel is performance-inspired athleisure wear that never comprising on comfort, fit or style. 

From the field to the finish line, it’s all about the victory.  #checkmate

“Matt Forte wears a shirt at the facility every day since my rookie year -- it’s a cutoff shirt so his big, ole guns can stick out -- and on the bottom it says '22,’ and up top is says ‘Workhorse.’ If I had any issue with him wearing that shirt or if I didn’t think there was any validity to that statement, I’d tell him to take it off. But the guy earns it every day. He’s a shining example of what you are supposed to be like as a pro. He never complains. Never takes plays off. And it shows on Sundays.” 

- Kyle Long, former Chicago Bears teammate